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What Causes Your Cornea For Poor Vision Attack Or Lack Of Power?

Eyes are made up of large number of cones and rods. Due to certain condition and over aging the cone and rod loss its capability nature and its vision power losses. A yellowish layer is formed over the cones and rods. Our normal eye can withstand a particular range of light because of the cornea focuses light onto the retina. When it captures image it produces an image which is clear to see and sense. For those with an astigmatism, an oval shaped cornea causes light to be focused at two different points in the eye. Due to imperfection condition of your eyes the images appear indistinct.

Structures Of Surgical Lenses And Its Advantages About Their Performance

Surgical lens are the alternate way for laser surgery. Various types of lenses like femtosecond lasers can enhance your vision. Ordinary lens such as the eye vision power and the Intra Lase are act as laser approach to vision correction. The lenses are made up of thin plastic coatings and they make thin covers in the eye by little laser pulses. These lenses are attached in your eyes to improve the condition of eye. These lenses are safe to handle and use. The flaps are then raised from the surface of eye and the centre of curvature of the eye is thus modified with lens. The life time of the lens may depend upon the price and quality of lens. We provide high quality lens with best treatments. Our lens will not irritate your eyes, so you can feel natural comfort with our lens.

What Are The Changes That Occur After Doing Boston Laser Eye Surgery?

The lenses are fixed to the surface of the eyes by the use of laser light. The intraocular lenses are made to remain in the eye for a lifetime. The power lenses are able to treat patients with in corneas and dry eyes. These kinds of lenses are fixed for patients who are affected by deep vision problems. Our surgery provides a key solution for all eye problems. When little light rays are made to focus on the retina it accepts the light rays, which causes clearer vision with the help of our glasses or contact lenses. We offer a phasic intraocular lens that works within the eye. The corrective lens sometimes causes irritation to your eyes and it must be handled properly.

Suitable Laser Surgery Treatment For Enhancing The Power Of Your Eye

The surgery is usually done on patients with high degrees of hyperopia which is generally called as farsightedness disorder. In this procedure, the eye’s natural lens is replaced with an artificial, intraocular lens.

We provide suitable treatment for enhancing the power of your eye. We offer refractive Clear lens exchange technology for improving your eye.

The lens we offer corrects your imperfection eye with the help of refractive lens and it supports to achieve more focus on images and objects.

You can gain a clear view after making this surgery. You have to follow some rules and instructions that are guided by our ophthalmologist.

Follow the precautions before and after doing laser eye surgery.